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Blue Doors

We are happy to announce that applications for the Blue Doors Program are now open. The program centers upon holding intensive Modern Standard Arabic or Arabic dialect classes with award-winning teaching staff. Students will participate in various cultural activities and discover different parts of the picturesque country. 


Our Program

The Blue Doors Program is a creative and interactive approach to language learning organized by Al Bayt Al Arabi and Centre Sidi Bou Said for Languages. The classes are tailored for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. We are happy to provide students with a placement exam prior to the start of the classes.  

Lectures are based on original lesson plans and draw heavily from current media subjects. Classes incorporate video clips, local and world newscasts, magazine articles, movie clips, commercials, interviews and other media to help students apply their language acquisition directly to everyday life. In addition to this we use a variety of course material such as articles and books in the field of Arabic culture, literature, and Islamic faith and history.

Cultural Activities

Throughout the program, each student will be challenged to think and speak in Arabic as they learn the Arabic language and culture.

The events and workshops will be mixed between levels.



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Movie Nights

Cultural Excursions and Field Trips

Students participating in the study abroad program will have the opportunity to visit significant regions in Tunisia including the South of the country!



The Great Mosque of Kairouan, once the capital of the Islamic Maghreb, is North Africa’s most holy Islamic site. The Great Mosque of Kairouan set the precedent for the architecture of the Maghreb with its monumental arcades,
minaret, and courtyards.

Students will also visit the holy site of the grave of Abu Zama el- Belaoui, a sahabi (companion) of the Prophet Mohammad.

Program Details

Our program will take place throughout two sessions. Students can choose to enroll in both sessions: 

  • ​Summer I: June 3 - July 5, 2024

  • Summer II: 15 July – August 12, 2024

*Students can customize the dates or length of the term

based on their schedules and learning needs.

Please get in touch with us with your desired study dates,

or if you have any questions!

Our Location

Our school is located in the perfect location. Located about 20 km from the capital, Sidi Bou Said charms all its visitors. Its distinctive blue-and-white color scheme along the beautifully designed streets makes it the perfect destination for your next summer.

Insider tip: After your class, walk up the hill of Sidi Bou said, and enjoy a Bambaloni (delicious Tunisian donut), while enjoying the distinctive architecture of the old town. Continue up the cliff to get the view of the entire city. 

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