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Pick Your Next Language

We offer a number of languages at our center taught by native experienced instructors. Our students will gain the skills needed to develop self-reliance as language learners by understanding the target language. Through engagement with multimedia sources, students will acquire cultural information necessary for effective communication and analysis. Students will acquire techniques that will enable them to read texts for meaning by gaining practice in recognizing and identifying grammatical structures with efficiency and ease. Students will read and interpret advanced-level texts while strengthening their communication skills through further exposure to and analysis of contemporary media sources.







Arabic Dialects

Our teaching staff represents different nationalities and backgrounds from the Middle East. This gives our students the option to take an Arabic Language Course focusing on a specific Arabic dialect including North African, Levantine, and Gulf.

Dialectical courses serve as an introduction to local dialects and thus to the fundamental communication skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


Dialectical courses develop linguistic skills, analytical skills as well as cultural and literary knowledge of students. These courses bring a new appreciation of local cultures and a new set of skills to facilitate function in Arabic-speaking communities around the world 

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